“To introduce a casual spirit into couture and create a garment that transcends time is the most difficult challenge in fashion”.
This is the reason why I decided to take the creative direction of my Family Brand.




A continue inspiration

Giuseppe Vicedomini was born in the early 1920s and pursued a classical education, getting a degree in economics.
It was common for those families at the time to also actively join political parties and enlist for a military career: he followed his father’s passion but quickly understood his destiny would have been different and, immediately after the war, wanted to get back to the world of commerce.
He found an opening through personal contacts in women’s fashion, initially as a technician: he would study the product ion time slots and machinery techniques to maximize the fabrication speed and the quality of the final garments. He was in touch with skilful tailors and quickly learnt the rules of fashion. Whilst this served his immediate needs, he then set himself up as a small agency distributing famous brands. Bi-annual trips as an agent driving across Italy to forge new and important client and retai l relationships had become his main profession in the late1950’s. By 1962, Vicedomini’s life was to take a different path: in a fast-growing society, among an élite who dominated the art and cultural world and was eager for innovation, he was introduced to designer Lino Pellizzoni. He was immediately enthralled with his style and drawings. When a smart businessman teams up with a talented designer you can only expect a dazzling result. Thus the iconic printed “tubino” was born: just two simple stitches on a straight dress.



An icon in elegance and style

“I must have walked miles of that white and green checker marble corridor in our house, trying and learn how to catwalk on heels with piles books over my head . It was so frustrating to see how easy it was for my mum to roll and turn around with such a grace…
– How do you do it?! – I kept on asking – and she patiently answered: “It will come naturally my darling. Keep on training”.